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Family: the concept

In the second half of the year, in the afternoon, the children were divided into three small groups with two leaders in each. The objective is to group them so that they understand and create links in practice the true concept of FAMILY.
At this time, the leaders of each group will minister the Word of God s in order to evangelize them, and eventually lead them to baptism.
Currently, each group has about eight teenagers and they feel free to express their doubts and thoughts.

They have participated in a very dynamic and always ask questions about religious matters, about what is right and wrong and the thoughts of God.


“This time the family was the best thing God could have directed us to do.” Said Paulo, one of the leaders of the groups.

Let’s pray about that!

~ Karina Belli

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2010: The Second Semester





– Children separated by “families” as the campaign in Salvador/BA.

[Paulo Nobre and Mariana Manzini]
[Fernando Amaral and Karina Belli]
[Ana Elisa and André Ortega]

Teaching: “The will of God” (book)

Activities of school tutoring and soccer continue normally.

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May 30


What good to tell you so many good things have happened.
I’m sorry for not be posting weekly, but my time is very short.

Our first semester is ending. We’ll be on vacation from June 26, and only return in August.
Many things happened this time and the best I can tell is that a week ago ALL children who attend the afternoon accepted Jesus.

It’s something we’ve been waiting a long time, but the day to talk about the savior has arrived and of course, none of them was resistant to God’s love.

It was a beautiful moment that unfortunately none of us had time to take pictures, but I believe that you can imagine all of them kneeling and saying they need Christ.

Our work from then on it gets easier. Now the project has not only students, has disciples.

Of course many things are still difficult. Many situations we don’t know how to cope. But now we can count on the help of God working in every heart and believing that things can ever improve.

Our team has worked day and night to perfect the work: food, lessons, equipment, rooms …And with this new child has arrived. The year started with 13 children and to our surprise today this number has doubled. Familia Digna  is receiving 60 children in total, and from July will provide tutoring for children during the weekdays.

Escola Cristã de Jundiaí (Christian School of Jundiaí)  is bringing  Karina (one of our teachers) to educate and help children with serious difficulties in school and this work will be parallel to what happens on Saturdays.

All I have to say is that every Sunday God has done miracles in that place. We still don’t have much money for many things, but love has supplied much more than material needs. The passion with all that has moved us with intensity and has made us believe that the Project is something that will be for all eternity.

Keep praying for the children.
They need attention, need care.
Its very difficult for us to send them home on Saturday … They spend the whole week suffering there and back quite sad for a new day with us. But we know, the power of GOD never fails.

Please pray.

Thank you!

With love,


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visiting homes!

Dear friends,

Yesterday we went back to visit the families at S Camilo.

We took with us a new registration form, where parents are aware of children’s participation in the project and also allow us to use the pics of the kids in media outlets.

Our work has just begun.
On a Saturday we got time to visit  4 families … still missing around 25.

This is our most important target.

Through our kids, we will reach the families and try to determine their needs … maybe Jesus? 😉

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ending March…

Thanks for all who are praying. I think God wants to keep that place for us. Next week we’ll be back to visit families in their homes. Wait for more pics and updates… Love you all! ~ Paulo

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13 / 03

Today I got the news of the day and a prayer request.

First the news: Today was a great day. We speak to children about “be friends”. We made a dynamic where they learned to see the qualities of each other and learned that they need from a friend to many things. In the church, the friend is a brother. We need this! After the girls were doing manual work of art and the boys went to soccer.

God is blessing those children, we are very happy with it and love much every one of them. Look at the pics!

And now, the prayer request.

We use this building that you know to make the meetings of the Church and for the Familia Digna, the project.. We don’t pay anything for it, is an agreement with the owner. We only take responsibility for taking care of the place. Anyway … we are investing in this place: making new rooms, renovating everything, etc.. God is blessing us for that.

Yesterday something left us with fear.
A realtor came there with people interested in buying it. That place is not ours and therefore we can not prevent it. The owner said he can sell if there is anyone interested.

Well … We don’t need that place for the Church, but we need for the Project. I don’t know if God wants us to move there. This would undermine our work with children.

Please pray that God will help us with this problem. We’ll keep trusting HIM!

Thank you,

We Love you all SO MUCH.

~ Paulo

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06 / 03

Hello everybody!

These are the pics of our work yesterday. We reviewed the subject of last week and made a new activity with a poster. The children caught the words, and before they cheat on the poster, they talked how they were going to change that. It was fun!

This morning we had a meeting with the staff. Many good things are happening … new rooms are being made inside the hall, yesterday we received visits from two members from DBU interested in helping the project, and the Escola Cristã de Jundiaí is willing to pay a teacher to work with children during the week as well. Oh… and We will return to visit the homes from next week too.

Anyway, a lot of news to tell you. I’ll make a new post soon … I’m going to another meeting. haha



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02 – 27


Yesterday was our first time with the with children in the afternoon.We started the lesson “Who I am”.

The first topic to be worked on is “Who am I at home?”. After a nice long conversation, the children were encountered with a strange question: WHO I AM ?…  They thought long and some simply could not answer. To help them, we did an activity. They need to choose among several words placed on the table what they thought  themselves were at home. It was a very interesting time. Our purpose is to compare these characteristics with Jesus, so  they understand what is right and what is wrong before Christianity.

After that, they did a test with the educators and then went to the leisure time.

It’s great to compare these children with what they were in 2007. The results seem to be appearing …

They are our disciples, disciples of Jesus.

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Today was our first day of the year with the kids! We had a delicious breakfast and then we separate the classes. Thanks to everyone who prayed for us. We’re ready for a beautiful and blessed semester with the grace of God! We love you!

Some pics…

teachers …

Alegria (JOY)  – Our theme this year.

pretty girl…

new rooms…

Older children will have a special time in the afternoon…

Now the kids have a special shirt for music performances…

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A tiring day, but it’s all ready for tomorrow!

Wait for the pictures…

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